The choir

Petri Sångare is a chamber choir from St. Petri Church in Malmö, Sweden. The ensemble boasts a wide-ranging repertoire with a focus on contemporary Western classical music. Petri Sångare’s primary genre is a capella music, but the choir regularly teams up with leading musicians of the Malmö region to perform 18th and 19th century standard works.

Ever since its founding in 2010, Petri Sångare has upheld a high standard and ambition level, performing around 25 concerts per season. This requires major commitment from the choir members who are for the most part amateurs. Both rehearsals and concerts are characterised by great attention to diction, musicality, and musical teamwork between choir and director. Petri Sångare has enjoyed a great deal of success in its short lifetime, winning first prize at the Cracovia Cantans International Choir Festival in Krakow (2014) and second prize at the Choir Grand Prix in Tours (2015). Petri Sångare was the only Swedish choir to take part in the World Choir Games in South Africa (2018), and was awarded gold medals in the categories Musica Sacra a cappella and Musica Contemporanea.

Petri Sångare has also attracted the attention of national media, and has performed several times on the primary Swedish television networks SVT and TV4. These merits include the opening ceremony of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013. Petri Sångare has also performed live on several occasions on both Swedish and Danish radio. (Translation by Johan Rosquist)